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Music Therapist

I would like to introduce myself as music therapist.

It is my understanding that music as an element of music therapy offers the opportunity to express oneself without using words, to be understood and to get in contact with others.

But what exactly is music therapy?

Music therapy, as a type of psychotherapy, means for me, to accompany people, to establish relationships as well as to enable and empower them to get to know their resources and their emotions. Music therapy helps to deal with different personal issues. 

Being confronted with personal crises or psychological instability, music therapy can be of emotional help to regain self-determined live. As psychosocial, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical support, music therapy is used in different working areas such as psychiatrie, psychosomatic medicine, neurological rehabilitation, pain management, geriatrics or neonatology.

Currently I am working as a music therapist at the Fontane-Klinik in Berlin-Brandenburg.

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