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Piano Lessons

Since I was a kid the piano as an instrument is fascinating me. I love the sound of the instrument, the variety and the incredible possibilities which this instrument is offering me musically. Therefore I studied piano performance. But my love to music and playing the piano is based on sharing the musical experience with people. Not only by performing music on stage, but as well by teaching music. If you are interested to learn or to expand your musical knowledge and your musical identity by learning the piano do not hesitate to contact me for piano lessons.

Let me tell you something about my music teaching...

I am giving piano lessons since 2011 to kids, adults or seniors at different levels of music knowledge. I studied classical piano performance as well as modern music. Therefore, my lessons are based on classical techniques and repertoire as well as improvisation and composition. I offer individual lessons based on the students level - beginner or a advanced piano player. The piano lessons are orientated on your skills and your interests. If you are interested to be able to 

accompany yourself while singing, we can focus on learning patterns for different styles at the piano. If you would like to be able to understand the classical composers and their pieces and to be able to play a piece of Beethoven, Chopin or Rachmaninov etc. in their specific style and technique, we can work on that together. If you would rather like to understand how to improvise harmonically, free or how to use extended techniques, we can work on learning scales together or how to create and compose music.

Here a small insight into my philosophy of my lessons...

Its important to learn a good technique, to be able to read music scores, to understand the harmony and the rhythms of music. But at the same time it is very important to get to know yourself - your musical creativity. Besides all that the most important thing by learning is to be able to express yourself and of course to have fun!

All in all, I can say that I really enjoy teaching my instrument and to share the joy of piano music and all its possibilities. So therefore, I would be happy to get to know you and welcome you in my piano lessons.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. The first lessons is always for free to get to know each other.

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